Martin’s Apiary is a small family run farm along the Athabasca riverbanks with the focus on honeybees.
Martin remembers thinking about having honeybees as a child to then finally bringing these thoughts into reality in 2015. It all started with 2 hives and expanded quickly - talk about bee fever!!
Personally living an earth based life, Martin & Yvonne are mirroring these values in our business being hugely concerned about sustainability and ecology, planting trees and seeding flowers, keeping natural habitats intact, not using any chemicals in the beehives, and using glass jars whenever possible to bring you the most wholesome products.
Martin’s Apiary offers a variety of honeys, herbals, bath salts, and natural skin care with only the best ingredients; either wildcrafted, homegrown, organic, or carefully sourced.

All our honey is raw. For maximum health benefits we absolutely do not use heat during extraction, and only let the honey settle, keeping in propolis, wax and pollen particles for added health value.

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