Pastured Pork

Pastured Pork

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Pastured pork, raised in their natural habitat, bringing you a most nutrient dense, clean finished product.

Able to root, our pigs have been very well cared for, breathing fresh air, wallowing in mud, burrowing in straw, bathing in the sun, feeding on grass, hay, weeds, glyphosate free and organic grains & beans, fermented dairy, and garden & kitchen scraps.

The resulting taste is like no other! There is just no comparison to the meat you find in the store!!

Vaccine, hormone, antibiotic free.

Bacon and Garlic Sausage are naturally smoked, made without sodium nitrites.

Always remember you are what you ate ate, which just means what you put into your body effects your health.

All meat is processed in a government inspected facility and comes to you fresh frozen.


***LOCAL  TOWN  DROP OFF  ONLY*** Check out with "Local Delivery"

Bacon - Nitrite free ~1lbs

Maple Breakfast Sausage - >1lbs

Garlic Ring - Nitrite free ~1lbs

Chops - Bone in, 4 in a pack, >1kg

Ground - ~1lbs

Cured Ham - Bone in, $19.50/kg

Cured Hock - 1.5kg average