Sweet Woman Honey Electuary

Sweet Woman Honey Electuary

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Electuary - an old world medicine, created to keep powdered herbs fresh and perhaps to make bitter medicine sweet.

“Sweet Woman” - Shatavari Rose Electuary is made with our raw creamed honey, shatavari-, rose-, and beet root powder.

Shatavari is renowned in Ayurveda as an excellent rejuvenative tonic for women, a brain tonic that prevents fatigue, and the reigning queen of female reproductive tonics.

This cooling, bitter and sweet herb is soothing inflamed mucous membranes, may have hormone promoting capacity shown in its ability to increase milk and ovum production, and can be applied to treat some menopausal complaints.

Rose is known to be a beautiful heart healer, physically and energetically, an aphrodisiac, and she is calming & uplifting at the same time. She brings antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Beets are nutrient rich, and are said to purify the blood, benefit the liver, and moisten the intestines.

~Together they make a wonderful blend for you - Sweet Woman~

Eat it by the spoon, add to your beetroot latte, or sweeten your tea or coffee.


Available in 125ml canning jars


DO NOT TAKE during pregnancy - Always check with your health care provider before taking herbs - especially when breastfeeding, having a chronic condition, immune deficiency, or are taking medication.